Cybersecurity By Design (CSBD)

Find out how to implement cybersecurity within enterprise infrastructure and systems design. Cybersecurity By Design course teaches you to establish systems with security in mind, allowing you to mitigate potential threats and maintain performance reliability within the organisation.

Full Fee$1,200(excluding GST)

Course Duration2 Days

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Who is the Course for

Project Managers / Leads
Solution Engineers
Solution Architects

What You’ll Learn

Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Discover evolving threat trends and digital assets to combat cyber attacks and enhance your organisation’s security visibility

Cybersecurity Architecture

Get an overview of cybersecurity features from cybersecurity devices to communication protocols employed to thwart cyber threats

Cybersecurity Goals

Identify pillars of a sound cybersecurity strategy and learn how to build one for critical infrastructure of government networks and non-government entities

Course Outline

  • Evolution of cybersecurity landscape and core principles
  • Risk and trust management
  • Data security, access control principles and implementations
  • Best practices in operation security
  • Understanding cryptography
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) essentials

  • Network access control and security devices
  • Network and application logs
  • Understanding security operations and management
  • Hands-on practical
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