Cybersecurity Forensics Investigator

Learn to conduct forensics investigation on simulated real-world incidents in an emulated enterprise network environment. Cybersecurity Forensics Investigator offers you a robust training experience, helping you build skills in the acquisition and analysis of forensics evidence and presentation of findings.

Full Fee$3,000(excluding GST)

Course Duration4 Days

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Who is the Course for

Security Analysts
IT Professionals / Engineers
Information Security Managers and Executives
Project / Risk / Compliance Managers

What You’ll Learn

Basics of Forensics Investigations

Develop practical skillsets in forensics investigation from acquisition, preservation, analysis, to reporting

Forensic Tools and their Use in Actual Situations

Understand the functionality of various forensic tools and their use during investigation

Cyber Forensic Scenarios

Learn to recommend relevant preventive measures against future cyber incidents

Course Outline

  • Introduction to computer forensics
  • Forensics imaging
  • Autopsy
  • Windows event logs
  • Demonstration and hands-on practical exercises

  • File systems
  • Windows registry
  • Hashing
  • Pre-fetch and shell bags
  • Data hiding
  • Data carving
  • Email forensics
  • Demonstration and hands-on practical exercises

  • Browser forensics
  • Memory forensics
  • Cyber forensic scenario-based exercise 1

  • Case study and report writing
  • Cyber forensic scenario-based exercise 2
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