Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer

Develop a deep understanding and the necessary skill sets to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate attacks, and protect SCADA networks. The Cyber Security Industrial Control Systems Engineer (CSIE) course offers you industry best practices and security tools you need to prevent potential cyber threats to your systems.

Full Fee$3,000(excluding GST)

Course Duration3 Days

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Who is the Course for

IT Professionals
Corporate Executives
Industry Executives
Information Security Executives

What You’ll Learn

Cyber-Physical System

Learn what makes up a cyber physical system, identify the risks and security vulnerabilities involved, and understand the control exploitation process.

Network Discovery and Cyber-Physical System Attacks

Get an overview of basic networking concepts necessary for active and passive network discovery. Be familiarized with the CPS attack surface and map out the three stages of an attack for a more efficient mitigation.

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Incident Response

Gain an in-depth understanding of defense and the various systems that you need in order to protect and monitor your infrastructure. Identify the essentials of a sound Incident Response Plan in addressing an attack.

Course Outline

Cyber Physical System Overview

  • Industrial Control System (ICS) basics
  • Embedded system
  • Cyber risks and threat trends to control systems
  • Security topics
  • Common control systems vulnerabilities
  • Types of cyber-attacks
  • SWaT architecture
  • Static multiple points attacker path
  • Demonstration

IT and OT Networks Discovery

  • IP address
  • Basic networking
  • NAT and IANA
  • OSI 7-Layer Model
  • Types of protocols, their characteristics and relevant threats
  • Passive discovery versus active discovery
  • Intelligence gathering tools
  • Tools and techniques for passive discovery
  • Exercise

IT and OT Networks Discovery

  • NMAP
  • Hot discovery, post scanning and states in IT and OT
  • ICS challenges
  • Introduction to Nessus (vulnerability scanner)
  • Introduction to OpenVas
  • Exercise

CPS and Network Attacks and Exploits

  • Attacker Profiles
  • Attack stages and tasks
  • Attack consideration
  • System Vulnerabilities
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • National Vulnerability Database CVSS
  • Exploit types
  • Attack operations
  • Bypass network control
  • Command and control
  • Persistent and/or remote access
  • Exercise
  • Metasploit framework
  • Basic exploit process
  • Meterpreter commands
  • Exercise

Network Defense and Incident Response

  • Understanding defense in-depth
  • Intrusion/Protection systems
  • Signature versus anomaly detection
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems versus Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Exercises
  • Competence Test
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