Cybersecurity Leadership Programme

ST Engineering together with the National University of Singapore, School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (NUS SCALE) have developed a Cybersecurity Leadership programme. This programme is based on the Responsive Security (RS) model to train leadership teams to embed the principles of Cyber Visibility (V), Cyber Situational Awareness (SA) and Cyber Critical (C) Resource Alignment into their business model, with the aim of making effective and timely decisions in times of crisis.

Full Fee$5,000(excluding GST)

Course Duration2 Days

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Who is the Course for

SCADA Operators and Engineers
Cybersecurity Professionals
IT Professionals / Engineers
Information Security Managers and Executives
Project/Risk/Compliance Managers

What You’ll Learn

Responsive Security (RS) Model

Find out how to apply the RS model in formulating cybersecurity strategy and tactics and managing a breach in a responsive manner

Applying V-SA-C

Discover the role of V-SA-C in ensuring the accuracy of information for making timely and appropriate decisions during cyber crises

RS Model Best Practices

Learn best practices in accelerating the implementation of RS model through industry-specific case studies

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity Management Challenges (4 hrs)

  • Concepts and terminologies
  • Review existing knowledge domain and common practices
  • Understand the issues and dilemmas of current knowledge domain and practices
  • Identify the criteria for a successful cybersecurity risk management programme

Module 2: Responsive Security (RS) Theories and Practices (4 hrs)

  • Introducing Responsive Security Model (RS Model)
  • Mapping criteria to the approach
  • Tools and methods
  • Industry-specific case studies

Module 3: Cyber Crisis Exercise (7 hrs)

  • Guided scenario planning (Visibility-Situational-Awareness-Critical Resource Alignment)
  • 2 x Cyber range scenario to practice the RS model (including PR and media management)
  • Review and gap identification after each scenario
  • Demonstrate ability to apply RS model in response to a contextualised scenario
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